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10 January 2010 We eases landlords switch to Digital TV Contact Us

20 December 2010 Digital TV plans in place
11 December 2010 We launches route map for Digital TV
7 December 2010 Tessa Jowell seeks views on new BBC Digital service application
12 October 2010 We signals next step forward on Digital TV
13 September 2010 Tessa Jowell announces decision on proposed new BBC digital services
8 August 2010 GO Digital to hit screens in the West Midlands
5 July 2010 We reaffirms commitment to digital switchover
24 April 2010 Smith and Byers signal boost for digital terrestrial TV
15 April 2010 We unveils plans for UK's first 'Digital Neighbourhoods'
27 March 2010 Digital TV sets - Hewitt acts to end misleading labelling
4 September 2000 Chris Smith names viewer's panel to advise on switch to digital TV
September 1999 Chris Smith sets out timetable for digital revolution